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400 MB
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Unlimited Accounts
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MySQL Databases
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cPanel Convenience
The control panel we include with your system allows you to perform nearly all server related tasks on your own. You can manage e-mail accounts, add subdomains, manage MySQL databases, change passwords, modify files, upload and download data, view statistics, perform backups and migration from another hosting company. There are many, many other features that make cPanel deployment a convenience for you.

24/7 Support
We are always available to help you and answer your questions so there are several ways to contact us for your convenience. You can contact us via email, AOL Instant Messenger, telephone, and through our member forums.

Weekly Backups
We know that your data is very important to you so we make every effort to ensure you keep it. Our servers are as up to date and reliable as possible. No matter how reliable a computer is, there is always a chance of failure, so on the odd chance that something might happen we have backups in place. Your data, as well as several system files are backed up weekly to ensure if something did happen, we would have you back online quickly.

24/7 Monitoring
Attention to detail is essential and because of this philosophy, our servers are monitored all day, every day. We have personnel on site at all times to make sure that your server is online and if anything does go down or fails to work as the monitors believe it should, the owner of UberHappy is notified via email, AIM, and cell phone.

E-Mail Services
Every account comes with unlimited POP3, IMAP and SMTP servers. A catchall address is installed automatically on every account to ensure that any email sent to your domain goes somewhere. SpamAssassin is provided to help you combat spam. SpamAssasin is a program used to stop unwanted mail before it reaches your mailboxes.

Programming Technology
UberHappy believes that no hosting client would be happy without access to standard tools used for creating dynamic content. UberHappy includes Perl, PHP (with Zend Optimizer). You can also use SSI and also setup Cron jobs. Most Perl modules are already installed but if there is anything missing that doesn't pose a security threat, we will be happy to install Perl modules for you at no extra cost!

Pre-Installed Scripts
The following scripts are available for you to use when you set up your account. Accessing these scripts is a simple log in to your control panel to activate them. Included scripts are, CGI Wrapper, Random HTML, Guestbook, Advanced Guestbook, Counter, Clock, Countdown, CGI Email, FormMail, Entropy Search, Entropy Banner Rotator, Interchange Shopping Cart, Agora Shopping Cart, Chat Room, PHP Chat Room, XMB Forum, Search Engine Submission.

MySQL Databases
Each account comes with 5 MySQL databases. Through the control panel you can create and delete databases and users. For more control, phpMyAdmin is also installed. This popular mySQL database management environment is installed on all accounts so that database management is convenient.

Account Access
We provide you options for data management with your server. Each account comes with its own FTP server, or you can mange your files through the file manager integrated into the control panel. If you need a command line, we are happy to provide you with limited SSH access.

Other Features
Also included with all accounts: Webalizer Stats, Analog Stats, Error Log, Networking Tools, Backup System, Directory Protection, Directory Redirection, MIME Types, Apache Handlers, Hotlink Protection, and Custom Error Pages.

Customer Base Capping
Unlike many of our competitors we are not interested in being the biggest hosting provider on the planet. Our goal is more focused on personal service, customer education, and developing customer loyalty. UberHappy is more interested in your satisfaction and loyalty than it is in dominating the market. As a direct result of this philosophy we intentionally limit growth. When we meet our cap, any customers that are interested in our services will be referred to another provider or given the option of being on a waiting list.

Excellence for an outstanding price, UberHappy.